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  • Zakaria


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    General Retail

    Loan Amount:  $460

    Zakaria lives with his wife and six children in Gitathuru where he owns a general shop. His wife works on a farm outside of Nairobi and frequently has to travel away from the family. Zakaria's family has also taken in an orphan in his community who lost both parents to HIV. Zakaria would like to expand his business so he can better care for his family, and he would also like to be able to take in several other children who have bee orphaned in his neighborhood.

  • Mary


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    Clothing Sales

    Loan Amount:  $1,270

    Mary is a hard working single mother who is working to take care of her own three children as well as a granddaughter. Her father is currently out of work. The greatest challenge she faces is a lack of capital to expand the business and a lack of continual income to provide for the home in an established way.

  • Jacqueline


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    Ice Sales

    Loan Amount:  $530

    Jacqueline lives with her husband and three children in the community of Kayole in Nairobi, Kenya. In addition to their own children, they also care for another child whose parents are unable to provide for her. Jacqueline's husband works as a plumber to help provide for their family, but they still struggle with their finances. Jacqueline wants to be a role model to her family and in her community by sharing practical ideas and solutions to problems they face.

  • Rose


    Fund Now

    Second-hand Clothing

    Loan Amount:  $680

    Rose has ran her own clothing resale business since 2006. Through her business, she has been able to provide for her husband, eight children and an orphan. She still struggles sometimes though, providing for all their needs, and therefore would like to grow her business.


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