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  • James


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    Green Grocer

    Loan Amount:  $1,080

    James lives in Mathare North with his wife and child where he owns a general retail store. James struggles to help his family and pay rent with the income that he has. In the future, James dreams of being able to build his own home for his family.

  • Evaline


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    General Retail

    Loan Amount:  $630

    Evaline lives with her husband and two children in Eastleigh where she operates a general store. Her husband was hurt at his job and is now currently unemployed, Therefore; Evaline must support her family only from this business. She is hoping to grow her business so she can ensure her children are able to stay in school.

  • Lucy


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    Loan Amount:  $570

    Lucy is a single mother. She has two children, and both attend school. Lucy finds it very difficult to be the sole-provider for her family, especially when it comes to school fees. She desires for her children to receive an education and go on to college. Lucy began a business in tailoring a few years ago, and would like to expand.

  • Christine


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    Loan Amount:  $340

    Christine lives in Pangani with her husband and three children. Her husband earns money transporting goods around Nairobi while Christine earns a living as a hairdresser in a nearby salon. Because her employer does not always earn enough to employ Christine, she sometimes finds it difficult to provide for her family. Because of this, she would like to start her own salon so she can earn a more stable income.


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