Gender of Borrower

Business Sector



Unfulfilled Amount


  • Violet


    Clothing Sales Eastleigh, Kenya Business Sector:  Clothing

    Violet is a single mother of four who lives in Mathare and operates a second-hand clothing shop in her community. Her husband died several years ago and as a result her business provides the only income for her family. Because of this, she would like to expand her business so she can ensure that all her children are able to attend the college of their choice.… more>>

    $800 $200 75% of funds raised
  • Benard


    Shop Owner Lodwar, Kenya Business Sector:  General Retail

    Benard lives in Lodwar with his wife and small child. Together, with his wife, they work hard to provide for the family by selling merchandise from his small retail shop. He would like to expand his business in order to better provide for his family and have enough money for his child's school fees.… more>>

    $4,000 $2,900 28% of funds raised
  • Jackline


    Shop Owner Kibera, Kenya Business Sector:  General Retail

    As a single mother of 3, Jackline has the personal goal of one day owning a home and being able to purchase a farm. She works to provide for her family and hopes to increase her retail business. Jackline has the goal expanding her business. She wants to provide for her family, and eventually purchase property.… more>>

    $1,500 $1,105 26% of funds raised
  • Ian


    Taxi Driver Dandora, Kenya Business Sector:  Public Transport

    Ian lives in Dandora, Kenya with his wife. It is Ian’s personal goal expand his business and provide for his wife. Ian wants to expand his business within the local community. Ian will achieve his business goal by employing additional drivers. This will increase company revenue and allow for renovations. With more people employed, more families can be provided for. Ian is effectively promoting economic development within his community.… more>>

    $700 $400 43% of funds raised

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