Gender of Borrower

Business Sector



Unfulfilled Amount


  • Alice


    Clothing Sales Turkana, Kenya Business Sector:  Clothing

    Alice lives in Lodwar city of Turkana, Kenya with her two children. Alice works extremely hard to provide for her children. She is concerned that she will not be able to pay her children's school fees when the time comes. It is for this reason that she would like to grow her business. She operates a small second-hand clothing store in her community where she buys and sells used clothing.… more>>

    $900 $750 17% of funds raised
  • Jamila


    Charcoal Sales Lodwar, Kenya Business Sector:  Charcoal

    Jamila lives near Lodwar, Kenya with her husband and four children. With her husband currently seeking employment, Jamila's business provides the sole source of income for the family. Along with her husband, Jamila's greatest goal is to see that her children get a quality education. Jamila works hard to make this goal a reality.… more>>

    $1,000 $900 10% of funds raised
  • Violet


    Clothing Sales Eastleigh, Kenya Business Sector:  Clothing

    Violet is a single mother of four who lives in Mathare and operates a second-hand clothing shop in her community. Her husband died several years ago and as a result her business provides the only income for her family. Because of this, she would like to expand her business so she can ensure that all her children are able to attend the college of their choice.… more>>

    $800 $800 0% of funds raised
  • Everline


    Vendor Ngera, Kenya Business Sector:  Street/Vendor

    Everline lives with her husband in the Ngera area of Nairobi, Kenya. They care for six children and one child that was left orphaned by his family. Everline has struggled with health issues most of her adult life. She still manages to care for her children and operate a small street vending business. She focuses on selling food items to the public. It is with the money generated from the vending stand that Everline is able to provide for her fami… more>>

    $400 $400 0% of funds raised

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