Gender of Borrower

Business Sector



Unfulfilled Amount


  • Margaret


    Restaurant Majengo, Kenya Business Sector:  Restaurant

    Margaret lives with her husband and young daughter in Eastleigh. She owns a small restaurant and dreams of expanding her restaurant to cater to even more customers.… more>>

    $460 $360 22% of funds raised
  • Catherine


    Green Grocer Kibera, Kenya Business Sector:  Produce/Vendor

    Catherine lives with her husband and five children in Kibera. Her husband is a casual laborer that works in construction around town. Catherine owns a produce stand in her community. Because her husband's income depends on the job he is hired for, Catherine sometimes finds it difficult to provide for her family's needs. She is hoping to grow her business to help with their needs.… more>>

    $680 $680 0% of funds raised
  • Philice


    Salon Kariobangi, Kenya Business Sector:  Barbershops/Salons

    Philice lives in Pangani with her husband and children. Her husband is a driver for people around the community, while Philice runs a salon. They both work very hard to provide for their family, but with two children in college and one in high school, it can be hard for them to provide fees for school. She would like to expand her business to ensure her children remain in school and get a great education.… more>>

    $570 $345 39% of funds raised
  • Faith


    Salon Dandora, Kenya Business Sector:  Barbershops/Salons

    Faith lives in Dandora with her husband and two children. Her husband works on a farm outside of Nairobi and is frequently away from home. Faith operates a small salon. She would like to grow her salon to the point where she can hire an employee to help her.… more>>

    $570 $470 18% of funds raised

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