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  • Teresa


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    Herbal Medications

    Loan Amount:  $1,060

    Teresa and her children live in Mathare. After her husband's death, Teresa became the sole provider for her family. Teresa cares for her children, as well as her orphaned grandchildren that now live with her. She finds it very difficult to afford the necessities for her family, and began a pharmacy in order to create an income for herself.

  • Alice


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    Clothing Sales

    Loan Amount:  $850

    Alice lives in Kibera with her husband and three children. Her husband is currently unemployed and therefore Alice must provide for her family from her business selling second-hand clothes. Because this business does not generate enough income, Alice also washes clothes for people in her community to earn a little extra money. She would like to begin growing her clothing business so she stop washing clothes and focus on her main business.

  • Celestine


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    General Store

    Loan Amount:  $2,640

    Celestine lives with her husband and nine children in Mathare. Her husband is a farmer and is frequently outside Nairobi working on the farm, leaving Celestine to care for the children. Some of her children are orphans from her community that she has taken in. Celestine says her greatest challenge is paying the children's school fees. She would like to expand her business so she can better provide for her family's needs.

  • Rebecca


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    Loan Amount:  $570

    Due to her husband's unemployment, Rebecca began her business with the help of her family in 2007. Though she has come across many challenges and hardships in life, she has fallen victim to many illnesses and finds it hard to run a business while being sick.


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