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  • Dinah


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    Shop Owner

    Loan Amount:  $950

    Dinah lives in Mathare North valley of Nairobi, Kenya with her husband and three children. She works as a shop keeper and is one of the providers for her family. It is very important to Dinah that she provides an education for her children. This is achieved by her small business. It is Dinah’s goal to expand her shop and offer more items to the public. Dinah believes that offering more items will generate more income.

  • Jamila


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    Charcoal Sales

    Loan Amount:  $1,000

    Jamila lives near Lodwar, Kenya with her husband and four children. With her husband currently seeking employment, Jamila's business provides the sole source of income for the family. Along with her husband, Jamila's greatest goal is to see that her children get a quality education. Jamila works hard to make this goal a reality.

  • Euren


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    Shop Owner and Shoe Maker

    Loan Amount:  $1,060

    Euren has been a resident of Turkana, Kenya since 1985. He and his wife run and operate a shoe shop which has been open since 2009. He works hard to keep his store well stocked and providing quality items. Euren and his wife need more materials for creating accessories for the shoes they sell.

  • James


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    Taxi Driver

    Loan Amount:  $1,790

    James lives in Nairobi, Kenya with his wife and one child. He is a member of a transportation business. He drives a motorcycle and taxis customers around the Nairobi area. In recent years it has been very difficult to afford basic living essentials such as, food, fresh water, and a living space. James works hard to provide for his family and his greatest goal above all is to provide his child with an education. It is James’ business goal to expand his transportation business and obtain more clients.


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