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  • Lilian


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    Loan Amount:  $430

    Lilian has the goal of one day purchasing land and constructing rental houses. She currently operates a salon. She lives in Lodwar and works with her sister. Lilian’s main business goal is to expand her salon to generate more revenue. With the expansion of her business she hopes to diversify her portfolio and venture into additional professions.

  • Alice


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    Clothing Retail

    Loan Amount:  $740

    Alice lives in Butula district of Nairobi, Kenya with her husband and eight children. She has three children in primary school, three in secondary school, and two studying in universities. Alice is extremely proud of her children, but their school fees continue to be difficult to afford. It is through her clothing store that she has been able to provide an education for her children in the past. It is Alice’s goal to grow her second-hand clothing store. She plans on doing this by purchasing more inventory and expanding her product line.

  • Euren


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    Shop Owner and Shoe Maker

    Loan Amount:  $1,060

    Euren has been a resident of Turkana, Kenya since 1985. He and his wife run and operate a shoe shop which has been open since 2009. He works hard to keep his store well stocked and providing quality items. Euren and his wife need more materials for creating accessories for the shoes they sell.

  • Peter


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    Loan Amount:  $320

    Peter is married and lives in Lodwar, Kenya. He has seven children and is a carpenter. It is very important that Peter is able to keep a steady inventory of timber and material. He is the main financial provider for the family. Peter is very anxious to receive this loan because he is in need of timber and other supplies. Peter is seeking machinery that can assist him and his work.


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