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  • Elizabeth


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    General Retail

    Loan Amount:  $570

    Elizabeth lives with her child in Napuu where she operates a small general retail store. She sells mainly household electronics. She would like to grow her business so she can make sure her child is always able to attend school.

  • Rebecca


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    Loan Amount:  $160

    Rebecca works as a teacher in the small village of Napeiewa in the Turkana region of Kenya. She lives with her husband and three children. Rebecca has trouble making ends meet and being able to adequately provide for her family. Her biggest goal is to see her children receive a quality education.

  • Esther


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    Shop Keeper

    Loan Amount:  $220

    Esther lives in Kalokol town with her husband and four children. She operates a small kiosk selling general items to people in her community. This provides the only source of income for her family. Esther hopes to secure a more stable income so that she'll be able to pay the school fees for her children and see them get a quality education.

  • Violet


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    Loan Amount:  $790

    Violet is a single mother of four who lives in Mathare and operates a second-hand clothing shop in her community. Her husband died several years ago and as a result her business provides the only income for her family. Because of this, she would like to expand her business so she can ensure that all her children are able to attend the college of their choice.


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