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  • Margaret


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    Green Grocer

    Loan Amount:  $290

    Margaret lives with her husband and one child in Mlango Kubwa in Mathare Valley. While the rest of her children are grown and out of the house, Margaret still cares for one of her children, who is disabled. As Margaret gets older, she worries about who will provide for her child, log-term. For that reason, Margaret would like to expand her business so she can begin saving extra income for her child.

  • Rose


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    Second-hand Clothing

    Loan Amount:  $680

    Rose has ran her own clothing resale business since 2006. Through her business, she has been able to provide for her husband, eight children and an orphan. She still struggles sometimes though, providing for all their needs, and therefore would like to grow her business.

  • Charity


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    Produce Vendor

    Loan Amount:  $340

    Charity is a very hard working lady who does everything she can to provide for her child. Her greatest struggle in life has been her physical disability, yet she has faithfully worked past that difficulty and is looking to find ways of providing for herself and her child.

  • Dorothy


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    Fruit Vendor

    Loan Amount:  $850

    Dorothy began selling mangos in 2006 to produce an income. Dorothy is a single mother, she and her daughter live in the area of Eastleigh. Dorothy has worked very hard to raise her daughter on her own and works especially hard to provide enough funds for her school fees. She finds it challenging to take care of all of their financial obligations. Dorothy began selling mangos in 2006 to produce an income.


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