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  • James


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    Loan Amount:  $1,010

    James lives with his wife in Mathare Valley where he owns and operates a salon supplying service. He travels around his community and sells cosmetics and beauty products to various salons. His wife is a tailor who fixes second-hand clothing. James would like to grow his business so he can provide a better life for his wife.

  • Rose


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    Food Vendor

    Loan Amount:  $1,060

    Rose is a hardworking single mother of six and all six of her children attend school. Rose finds it challenging to consistently afford school fees, but would like to see her children off to college. Rose began her business after her husband died in 2010. She would now like to expand her business and has applied for help from Missions of Hope.

  • Rebecca


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    Loan Amount:  $570

    Due to her husband's unemployment, Rebecca began her business with the help of her family in 2007. Though she has come across many challenges and hardships in life, she has fallen victim to many illnesses and finds it hard to run a business while being sick.


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