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  • Jacinta


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    Restaurant Owner

    Loan Amount:  $240

    Jacinta is a hard working mother of one child who lives in the area of Majengo. Her greatest struggle is to maintain her business enough to provide for her child. She wants to make sure her child is able to receive a good education.

  • John


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    Street Vendor

    Loan Amount:  $470

    John is a young man who lives in Kariobangi. He is currently a street vendor, selling produce along the road to commuters. He has many business goals though. He would like to transition his business into a green grocer stand and needs the capitol to rent a shop in his community. Once he is established and is generating enough profit, he would like to begin a children's home for orphans and street children. He wants to give back to the community that has helped him so much.

  • Agnes


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    Loan Amount:  $340

    Agnes is hard working single mother of three children. Over the years, she has been able to provide for her children through her starting and operating a salon. Her greatest concern in life is making sure her children has the best opportunities possible through good education.

  • Alango


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    Mobile Phones

    Loan Amount:  $700

    Alango is a hard working married man who lives with his family in Mathare. His wife assists him in taking care of the family as well as selling utensils in a small shop. They have one child but are also currently taking care of two more. The two children belong to Alango's sister who is currently out of work.


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