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  • Sarah


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    Loan Amount:  $820

    Sarah lives with her husband and two children in Eastleigh where she owns a tailoring shop. Her husband is a business man whose job frequently takes him out of Nairobi. As a result, she is often left to raise her children by herself. She would like to grow her business to the point where she can afford to hire an employee to help out. This would allow her to spend more time with her children.

  • Mary


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    Loan Amount:  $760

    Mary is a mother of two children who lives in the area of Jonsaga along with her husband, who also works to provide for the family through various business ventures in the area. Together, they work hard to provide good meals and the school fees needed for their children but often things can be difficult with the hard economy in the slums.

  • Janes


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    Loan Amount:  $240

    Janes is a barber in his community called Huruma. He lives with his wife and child. His wife is a green grocer and together they are trying to save money for when their child is ready for school. Janes would like to grow his business so he can better prepare for his family's needs.

  • Millicent


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    Loan Amount:  $590

    Millicent is a hard working mother of four children who currently lives in the area of Huruma. Her husband also helps to support the family through various business ventures in the area. Together they put the greatest effort in making sure their family is healthy and that they are able to give their children the best education possible.


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