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  • Evaline


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    General Retail

    Loan Amount:  $630

    Evaline lives with her husband and two children in Eastleigh where she operates a general store. Her husband was hurt at his job and is now currently unemployed, Therefore; Evaline must support her family only from this business. She is hoping to grow her business so she can ensure her children are able to stay in school.

  • Leah


    Fund Now


    Loan Amount:  $230

    Leah lives in Lodwar with her husband and three children where she runs a small restaurant on the edge of town. Her husband is currently unemployed and therefore Leah must provide for her family's needs solely from her business. For this reason, she would like to grow her restaurant so it can begin generating more profit.

  • Stephen


    Fund Now

    Second-hand Clothing

    Loan Amount:  $340

    Stephen lives in Lodwar with his wife and three children. Stephen runs a small second-hand clothing shop, buying and selling used clothing in his community. His wife is currently unemployed. Stephen would like his business to grow so he can better support his family and provide for their needs.

  • Jane


    Fund Now


    Loan Amount:  $570

    Jane is a dressmaker who lives in Mlango. She owns a small shop in her neighborhood where she sews new dresses for customers and repairs used dresses for resale. She greatly enjoys her work, however; her child is getting ready to go to college. She worries that she will not be able to help with the school fees. She would like to give her business a boost so she can start generating more profit.


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