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  • Yvonne


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    Loan Amount:  $870

    Yvonne is a hard working mother who lives in the area of Kasarani along with her family. Her husband helps to support the family through various business ventures in the community. Together, they have three children, but have also decided to take care of four more children whose parents passed away some years ago. This has put a considerable strain on their income and they are looking for ways of strengthening their businesses.

  • Doreen


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    Loan Amount:  $230

    Doreen is the mother of a four year old son. She opened a salon from her savings in 2010. Her husband helps support their family by various business ventures. She would like to help her business become successful in the years to come, so that she can help her husband provide for their family.

  • Grace


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    Street Vendor

    Loan Amount:  $470

    Grace lives with her husband and two children in Huruma located in Mathare Valley. She is a street vendor who sells the daily newspapers to commuters along a major highway into Nairobi. Her husband is currently unemployed and her family must rely on her income in order to survive. She finds it difficult to sell enough newspapers to provide for her family, and is currently unable to pay for her children's school fees. She would like to begin another business so she can generate a greater profit.

  • Susan


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    Loan Amount:  $90

    Susan lives with her husband and three children in Mathare Valley where she owns a small tailoring shop in her community. She specializes in making and altering dresses; although she makes custom clothing for many of her clients. Her husband works as a car mechanic and often has to travel for his job. Susan would like to begin expanding her business so she is better able to care for her chidlren and ensure that they are able to stay in school.


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