Financial FAQs

Q: What currency will you accept?
A: Presently, we are accepting US dollars (USD) via credit cards or electronic checks withdrawn from a US bank.

Q: How can I donate to BigDent?
A: You can give on this website by credit card or electronic check (click on the Donate Now button). This is a secure site. If you would prefer to give your contribution in another way (mailing a check, gift of appreciated stock, or other), please contact us at or call 317-578-2700.

Q: How is my BigDent donation processed?
A: The BigDent office in the United States (Indianapolis, IN) receives and receipts funds, and provides financial management and reporting that conforms to current accounting and government standards. Designated funds and loan pool funds are then transferred to BigDent personnel in Kenya. For each contribution, you will receive an email receipt. If you would like to make recurring contributions, please choose that option at checkout.

Q: Who determines the amount of the loan given to the entrepreneur?
A: The loan officer and the accountability group assess and approve each entrepreneur's loan request.

Q: How does my donation get to the person I have chosen?
A: The entrepreneur's ID number accompanies your donation all along the process, beginning in the BigDent office in the US. Then, in Kenya, the entrepreneur's check is distributed at the weekly group meeting by the BigDent loan officer.

Q: Will I get back any portion of my donation?
A: No. When the entrepreneur repays her loan, those funds are placed in the General Fund for future loans so that your initial contribution continues to work! Your donation is a tax-deductible contribution (by IRS regulations), and you will receive a receipt for that donation.

Q: If I choose to give to the General Fund instead of an individual, what will happen to those funds?
A: Each month a new class of graduates is ready for their first loans. The General Fund provides funds for trained individuals whose loans are not yet funded. So, your general/undesignated contribution is of great value to the ongoing loan process.

Q: Why have some entrepreneurs started to repay loans that have not yet been funded by donors?
A: To ensure that funds reach the entrepreneurs as soon as they are needed for their businesses, loan disbursements are at times made from the General Fund before the loan is posted on the BigDent website.  Contributions for individual entrepreneurs are needed to replace the funds taken from the General Fund to continue the process of transforming the cycle of poverty into a cycle of provision.

Q: Will I receive any information personally about my entrepreneur's progress or the progress of the microfinance program in Nairobi?
A: You will have access to a progress report for each person whom you have funded for a loan.

Q: How often should I give?
A: As frequently as you would like in small or large amounts. There is no limit.

Q: Do you accept group donations?
A: Yes. We are happy to receive donations from a group. Perhaps your group would like to invest in an entire class of new entrepreneurs. If so, please contact us at

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