How your money is invested

Your contribution will be used to:

  • Provide initial business microloans for new graduates of the business training program. All training and all graduates are under direct oversight of BigDent and Missions of Hope International (MoHI) personnel on-site in the Mathare Valley slum.

    1. The entrepreneur participates in a group, attends training, makes a business plan, personally invests money, is assessed for loan amount, then receives a check for the loan within the group meeting.
    2. The entrepreneur must make regular payments on the loan, beginning the first week, until repaid in full.
    3. The entrepreneur continues to receive mentoring and training as s/he starts up business (or expands current business).

  • Provide more loans. As loans are repaid, those funds are re-directed to new entrepreneurs or proven entrepreneurs who are expanding their businesses. In other words, your contribution does not cease working after loaned out the first time; it is "recycled" into new loans, creating a bigger dent into poverty.

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