Location: Nakoruk, Kenya
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Occupation: Grocery Store Owner
Sector: Produce/Vendor
Amount Requested: $320.00
Amount Unfulfilled: $320.00

The "amount unfulfilled" refers to the portion of the loan that has not yet been funded. You may choose to fill all or part of any loan. Any donation beyond the amount unfulfilled will be placed into our General Fund.

About the entrepreneur

Christine lives in Turkana, Kenya with her husband and two children. She owns a grocery store and can provide for her family through the profit she generates It is very important that Christine be able to purchase supplies to continue to offer products to be sold. Christine has struggled with having a constant stream of inventory for her grocery store. She intends on purchasing more products to stock his grocery store. Items he will purchase are things like sugar, rice, wheat, breads, and pastries.

About the loan

This is Christine’s second loan with Missions of Hope, and her repayment history is excellent. The purpose of this loan is to provide Christine with the capital she needs to purchase more inventory.

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