Location: Nakoruk, Kenya
Gender: Female
Age: 51
Occupation: Kiosk Owner
Sector: General Retail
Amount Requested: $320.00
Amount Unfulfilled: $320.00

The "amount unfulfilled" refers to the portion of the loan that has not yet been funded. You may choose to fill all or part of any loan. Any donation beyond the amount unfulfilled will be placed into our General Fund.

About the entrepreneur

Mary is a mother of eight and cares for other children in her community. She faces many difficulties, but the greatest challenge is not being able to send her children to school. Her personal goal is to provide an education for her children. The main business goal is for Mary to be able to expand her business and generate more income. With the additional income she will be able to pay school fees for her children. After building her kiosk business, Mary hopes to build rental houses.

About the loan

The purpose of the loan is to purchase additional supplies for her business. She has a variety of products she produces and sells. Currently she is seeking to purchase more eggs, flower, sugar, rice, beans, and other cooking supplies.

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