Location: Pangani, Kenya
Gender: Female
Age: 47
Occupation: Shop Owner
Sector: General Retail
Amount Requested: $1,010.00
Amount Unfulfilled: $1,010.00

The "amount unfulfilled" refers to the portion of the loan that has not yet been funded. You may choose to fill all or part of any loan. Any donation beyond the amount unfulfilled will be placed into our General Fund.

About the entrepreneur

Janet lives in Nairobi, Kenya with her husband and two children. Janet owns a small shop and her husband is a transportation driver. Together, they both provide for their children. Janet is very eager to start growing her business. She wants to appeal to a larger audience of potential buyers.

About the loan

The purpose of this loan is to give Janet the capital she needs to grow her small business. Janet has a vison to increase her income and expand her product line. With a donation a loan can be funded and Janet can receive a loan that will assist her expansion efforts.

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