Location: Lodwar, Kenya
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Occupation: Kiosk Owner
Sector: Street/Vendor
Amount Requested: $220.00
Amount Unfulfilled: $220.00

The "amount unfulfilled" refers to the portion of the loan that has not yet been funded. You may choose to fill all or part of any loan. Any donation beyond the amount unfulfilled will be placed into our General Fund.

About the entrepreneur

Asajaiti lives in Lodwar, Kenya with his wife and six children. He is a kiosk owner and sells merchandise to the community. Asajiti is in need of more inventory such as, cooking oils, flour, beef, wheat, and salt. With a restocked store Asajaiti can increase his sales and produce more income.

About the loan

This is the second loan Asajaiti has received from Mission of Hope, and his repayment history is great. The purpose of this loan is to give Asajaiti the ability to purchase more goods for his kiosk and to help purchase a motorbike in order to offer transportation of his products. This will set Asajaiti’s business apart from competitors.

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