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  • Agnes


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    Loan Amount:  $340

    Agnes is hard working single mother of three children. Over the years, she has been able to provide for her children through her starting and operating a salon. Her greatest concern in life is making sure her children has the best opportunities possible through good education.

  • Mary


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    Loan Amount:  $760

    Mary lives with her husband and two children in Mathare Valley where she owns a tailoring shop. Her husband is a public transport driver and is not always around to help Mary raise the children. Her personal goal is to make sure she always has enough money to pay her children's school fees so they can go to the college of their choice.

  • Sarah


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    Clothes Vendor

    Loan Amount:  $470

    Sarah and her husband live in the area of Gikomba. Sarah began her business in selling clothes in 2010 in order to supplement their income. Her husband finds work occasionally as a driver. They find it difficult to afford all of their financial responsibilites. She believes that by expanding her business, she will have the opportunity to relieve some of their financial stress.

  • Alango


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    Mobile Phones

    Loan Amount:  $700

    Alango is a hard working married man who lives with his family in Mathare. His wife assists him in taking care of the family as well as selling utensils in a small shop. They have one child but are also currently taking care of two more. The two children belong to Alango's sister who is currently out of work.


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