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  • Anna


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    Loan Amount:  $1,580

    Anna lives in Siaya County of Kenya with her husband and six children. Anna is the sole financial provider for her family and,with her business; she can provide her children with an education. Anna sells fish to the public and restaurants. It is Anna’s goal to continue to expand her business. She wants to restock her inventory and provide more fish to the market place.

  • Jane


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    Loan Amount:  $220

    Jane lives in Nairobi, Kenya with her husband and three children. Two of Jane’s kids are in college and one is in secondary school. It is Jane’s great pride to support her children’s education. Jane works as a tailor and has a large client base in her community. It is Jane’s goal to expand her business and increase her family’s income.

  • Alice


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    Hotel Owner

    Loan Amount:  $1,060

    Alice has owned and operated a successful hotel business since 2014. She is very dedicated to assuring her hotel is better than her competitors. Her hotel is in a very busy location and this brings in a lot of high-end clients. She is looking to expand her hotel business while also increasing her food services. With the loan Alice will be purchasing more goats to raise and use for her restaurant.

  • Annah


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    Shop Owner

    Loan Amount:  $640

    Annah lives near Lodwar, Kenya with her husband and five children. She is the proud owner of a shop that sells a variety of products to the public. Her main goal is to continue to provide for her five children and send them to school. It is extremely important that Annah can purchase more supplies needed to operate her shop. Her main business goal is to purchase more supplies and continue to sell products to the community. Eventually, Annah hopes to build rental houses and start managing these housing complexes.


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